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StoreBalance Cash Management Software

StoreBalance is the Cashmaster computer interface software.  StoreBalance allows the Cashmaster to connect to PC computers and transfer cash count, register, and employee information directly into the software program (Excel or OpenOffice).

Store Balance Cash Management Software Outline

Store Balance Cash Management Software Manual

Product Manuals

Sigma 105 Quick Start Guide

Sigma 105 Full User Guide

Sigma 105 Information Sheet

Sigma 170 Quick Start Guide

Sigma 170 Full User Guide

Sigma 170 Information Sheet

Omega 230 Quick Start Guide

Omega 230 Full User’s Guide

Omega 230 Information Sheet

Alpha 305 Quick Start Guide (coming soon)

Alpha 305 Full User’s Guide (coming soon)

Alpha 305 Information Sheet

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Sigma 170

Omega 230

Alpha 305

The Alpha 305 is the ultimate cash management solution.

For guidance please contact our dedicated customer support team.

The Alpha 305 is fully programmable and offers businesses the ability to specify exactly how they want to count and reconcile their money. The Alpha 305 has software and keypads that can be customized based on the requirements of each unique customer.