Count by weight: the intelligent option

Cashmaster's range of intelligent counting machines is specifically designed to reduce time spent counting cash, increase accuracy and accountability. Cashmaster's range of money counting machines automate the traditionally time consuming process of cashing up, preparing floats, banking and safe deposits.

In essence, Cashmaster’s machines weigh currency (notes, coins and other forms of tender, including vouchers and coupons) to accurately calculate its monetary value, using some of the worlds most advanced digitised electronics.

All of Cashmaster’s money counting machines count notes and coins, a feature that friction note counting machines and coin counters find physically impossible to do.

All of Cashmaster’s machines offer the option to attach a printer, allowing a breakdown of the count/s to be automatically recorded – ideal of book keeping and audit trails.

Please refer to the product specifications for a full appreciation of each machine’s functions.




So how does it work?


The Cashmaster range of machines count cash by weight using highly accurate measuring devices and patented algorithms. In simple terms the processes involve converting the denomination weight applied on the machine and converting this to an analogue voltage level, which is then measured allowing the actual value of the cash to be calculated and displayed clearly to the user.

The process is of course more complex than the above description suggests, there are a number of environmental and physical factors that can affect the denominations being counted. This is particularly true for notes. In order to ensure the Cashmaster machines consistently provide accurate results a number of complex algorithms are used to continuously take into account the potential variations that can affect the currency being counted.

Individual currency pieces can vary in weight during minting and over a period of use: - the Cashmaster machine constantly measures, adjusts and stores in non-volatile memory, the default weight for each individual denomination type. This is a self-learning mode that every Cashmaster machine employs on a continuous basis.

Seasonal changes can have a substantial affect on denomination weights, particularly where wide changes in humidity or temperatures occur: - the Cashmaster machine again constantly measures and tracks these changes and makes the minor adjustments necessary to guarantee accuracy.

Localized temperature can vary over time, for instance the working temperature may differ between morning and afternoon operation: - the Cashmaster machine maintains accuracy by constantly monitoring and making necessary adjustments to negate quick temperature variances or drifting affect.

Local environmental conditions such as air conditioning or mechanical counters may cause varying vibration or pressure which can influence the measuring devices: - Cashmaster employ patented algorithms to make certain that variations caused by external sources ensures only the true weight of denomination applied to the equipment being counted. In cases where extreme levels of signal noise are evident these may cause Cashmaster machines to reduce the number of pieces that can be applied at one time to maintain accuracy.

Every Cashmaster machine is also programmed to check denomination condition within a limited acceptable range, this ensures that in cases where a damaged note (perhaps torn or repaired) is counted along with a number of good condition notes Cashmaster machines will take account of the variation. If the damage is calculated as to great a Cashmaster machine will inform the user and command a solution.

Surprising benefits

¨ Versatility - count coupons & vouchers

¨ Float - know the real value of your till

¨ Count multiple tills with one machine

¨ Automatically reconcile takings against POS data at head office