Machine components and accessories

Load cell

Responsible for measuring the physical weight of currency, the load cell is an integral component of each counting machine.


Often referred to as the basket, the hod is the receptacle which currency is placed on, in order to count it.


The scoop is a simple container, designed to hold loose coins, allowing them to be easily placed on the hod.

Till Cups

Simple till drawer inserts, known as till cups, offer users of Cashmaster machines even greater time savings, as coins can be easily removed from the drawer without having to dispense them into a scoop.

Machine operation


All Cashmaster machines are pre-calibrated with loose and packaged cash values. A machine's calibration can be changed by the user via the switch mode in order to add unique coupons and vouchers.

Tare (zero)

Tare simply refers to zeroing the machine’s count memory. For instance, it may be necessary to tare the machine if a scoop was accidentally placed on the hod instead of an intended till cup. If a machine carries the auto-tare feature, it will automatically detect a negative weight.

Verification Sounds

When cash, tokens/vouchers or cheques are verified, a positive high pitch tone is emitted. A negative low tone is emitted when cash tokens/vouchers or cheques are found to be ‘suspect’ (non-verified). 

Machine features


A float amount can be added, which allows users the ability to know the exact contents of their tills. This allows easy selection of daily takings. A tone is emitted when the running total passes the set float amount.


When cash is applied to the hod it is automatically added to the total/subtotal. This feature can be switched on/off via switches.


When cash is placed on the hod, the machine will automatically move to the next denomination as soon as it is removed (1p > 2p > 5p > 10p). This feature can be switched on/off via switches.

Grams Mode

All Cashmaster machines offer a grams weighing mode, ideal for postal cost calculation. 

Cash Terms

Packaged coins

Packed coins refer to coinage that is bagged or rolled, by bank or till operator.

Bundled notes

Multiple notes in a clip, band or envelope are referred to as bundled.