The Importance of Design

Cashmaster not only understand the importance of design, but embrace it to allow both end users and corporate interests to benefit.

Cashmaster believe that design is about making products and processes better… something that Cashmaster’s electronic, software and hardware engineering teams strive for everyday. Every effort is made to ensure that technical, ergonomic and aesthetic inputs are maximized to provide fit for purpose solutions.

Because Cashmaster’s range of machines count by weight, the company commits a substantial share of its time and resource to new and continuous research and development.

Cashmaster understand their products, technology, context, future and, crucially, their products’ users.

Cashmaster understand that their customers demand efficiency and accuracy and we provide a solution to ensure these targets are not only met, but also exceeded.

Cashmaster are committed to New Product Development (NPD), with a continuous development process in place. Through NPD, Cashmaster will adopt new or improved technologies, ensuring that Cashmaster’s range of cash counting machines remain the industry’s best class solutions.

Innovative PCB & Electronics Design

Single Board Solution

¨ Minimum interconnections

¨ Efficient point-to-point connections

¨ Extremely flexible digitizing (1000th gram)

¨ Simplified diagnostics

¨ Fully expandable

Gold Contacts

¨ Low resistance

¨ High-speed connections

Quality Components

¨ PCB produced in Edinburgh (UK)

¨ 32 Bit ARM processor

¨ Continuous testing & value engineering

First Cass Manufacturing

¨ Robotic surface mount line

¨ Highly trained production operatives