Count by weight: the intelligent option

Cashmaster’s weight based counting machines help your business work more efficiently and prevent loss. Counting money by weight is more than 6 times faster than counting by hand, 100% accurate and proven to significantly reduce cash shrinkage. Additionally our money counting machines can instantly reconcile takings and allow you to conduct on the spot audit checks.                                         

Increase efficiency

  • Allows staff to spend more time with customers and other more value added tasks
  • Over 6 times faster than by hand
  • Instantly reconcile takings (track trends)

Loss prevention

  • 100% accurate – proven to significantly reduce cash shrinkage (miscounts, mismanagement, internal theft)
  • Over 6 times faster than by hand


There are a number of advantages to counting cash by weight in comparison to counting by hand or even friction based cash counting machines (coin counters and note counters). To count the average till by hand would normally take around 6 minutes. Not only can this be a slow process but there is also a greater chance of errors being made by the operator. A Cashmaster machine can count the entire contents of a typical till in less than one minute, that’s 6 times faster than by hand.


It’s also extremely accurate. A load cell underneath the hod measures the exact weight of the load, providing an accurate value for the sum placed on the machine. The result of these features means greater time efficiency, enhanced loss prevention and lower cash shrinkage. By linking the machine to a PC, the figures can be instantly added to financial records accurately and efficiently, saving further time.


With no moving parts, there are very little maintenance requirements on a frictionless cash counting machine. This means Cashmaster machines can be used in virtually any industry where cash counting is a requirement.


Another advantage of the weight based counting method is the ability to count coupons and vouchers, as well as coins and notes.


The user can effortlessly calibrate Cashmaster machines to calculate the weight of vouchers or coupons, providing a whole host of other functions. The end result is a machine that is extremely adaptable for any industry, enhancing time efficiency and ensuring greater accuracy at the till.