Cashmaster design, develop and manufacture to advanced specifications and stringent quality procedures to ensure that our machines meet the high standards, that we ourselves set in this industry.

Quality & Expertise

¨ Craftsmanship

¨ Technical Expertise

Cashmaster select high quality, fit for purpose materials and components for use within our machines, designed to enhance functionality, durability, usability and ergonomics.

Based at the company’s headquarters in the UK, manufacturing, assembly and marketing teams are able to communicate directly with our highly trained electronic and mechanical engineers, located on the same site. Our automated PCB production lines employ intelligent robots, which use sterio visual coordination and placement to ensure each component is precisely mounted.

Exceptional Service & Support

¨ We listen because we care - our customers come first

¨ Advice, guidance, training and support are key

Cashmaster strives to exceed customers' expectations before they buy, while they buy and after they buy (before, during and after purchase), supporting buyers and end users throughout the entire procurement process. Cashmaster maintain exceptional relationships with customers from a diverse array of industry backgrounds, from banks to leisure centers, because we recognize that our customers' needs come first.

Cashmaster recognize that our customers frequently require product customization to allow them to work the way they want to work. Receptiveness and flexibility is therefore key. We pride ourselves in meeting our customers needs, to ensure they enjoy maximum value from our machines and service.


¨ Approachable

¨ Receptive and proactive

We are proud of the reputation Cashmaster have developed over the last 24 years, and intend to build on our prestige further, by enhancing our products, service and support. Being approachable is essential, allowing us to develop successful partnerships with key stakeholders. Cashmaster also employ a transparency policy, providing customers with exactly the knowledge they want.


¨ Innovation

¨ Productivity 

Throughout the company’s operations, from product development to after sales service, Cashmaster is at the forefront of its industry, with our ever-increasing number of patents a tribute to our ambition.

We are continuously seeking to improve our products through keeping abreast of cutting edge technology and employing customer centric knowledge to enhance functionality and usability, which will, in turn, transfer into increased productivity, loss-prevention and reconciliation for the customer.

Cashmaster delivers intelligent products that incorporate the latest technology, outstanding design and advanced functionality. We believe that innovation is derived from knowledge – Cashmaster has developed its knowledge through working closely with customers, ranging from blue chip multinationals to sole traders throughout the world.

Cashmaster believe that understanding the needs of both organizations and end-users is crucial to its success. Therefore, we make every effort to understand how customers service their industry, how they currently manage cash and how they would like to manage cash.