Ethical Policy & Charities

Cashmaster is committed to responsible corporate behavior and recognizes the importance of trust and integrity throughout their business, encompassing all stakeholders: customers, suppliers, partners and employees.

Cashmaster value the trust their customers pledge. It is Cashmaster’s duty to safeguard the information provided by its customers in accordance with the law, contractual commitments and ethical business practices. Cashmaster will forever remain honest about the products and services it duly provides and will never intentionally misrepresent these.

Cashmaster recognize that their reputation, together with the trust and confidence of those with whom it works with, is its most valuable asset. Cashmaster, therefore, expect each of its employees to uphold excellence in this area.

Cashmaster pledge to recruit and promote employees on their ability and are committed to offering each employee opportunities to develop and enhance their skill set. Cashmaster naturally respect the rights of their staff to expect first-class, safe working conditions and wherever possible, will do its utmost to exceed expectation.

Cashmaster hope to be a positive influence on the communities in which it holds offices.


Cashmaster have a long tradition of supporting both local and national charities.

Marie Curie Cancer Careprovides terminally ill people with completely free, high quality nursing. They provide the choice of dying at home with the full support of their families. Marie Curie Nurses now care for half of all cancer patients who die at home. In the UK, they work both night and day to provide dedicated one-to-one care for their patients, and provide practical and emotional support to affected families. To find out more about Marie Curie Cancer Care visit:

Registered Charity Number 207994

Save the Children is one of the world’s leading children's charities, delivering immediate
and lasting improvements to children's lives worldwide. They fight for children in the UK and around the world who suffer from poverty, disease, injustice and violence, working with them to find lifelong answers to the problems they face. To find out more about Save the Children visit:

Registered Charity Number 213890