The World's Most Advanced Count by Weight Money Counting Machines

Cashmaster is a global brand, supplying some of the world's largest blue chip multinationals, and is extremely proud to be a family owned company with their headquarters in Scotland, UK, and offices throughout Europe and the United States.

Corporate Information

In 1977, Neil Hunter formed a fledgling springboard company, to provide bespoke innovative electronic solutions using core microprocessor applications. In 1987, the Hunter family formed Cashmaster International, which has since led the way in providing intelligent, integrated count by weight cash counting and reconciliation solutions to a host of business sectors and sizes. Today, Cashmaster is a global brand, supplying some of the world’s largest blue chip multinationals, and is still extremely proud to be a family owned company with their headquarters in Scotland, UK, and offices throughout Europe and the United States.

Cashmaster now offer a comprehensive range of machines designed to suit all levels of users, from single sole traders who operate one till, to blue chip multinationals who operate hundreds of tills. Tailored accessories such as printers and software, designed to exceed customer needs, complement the machine range.

Cashmaster are unique on many levels, with their people, products and policies all contributing to providing a unique level of customer service. Like other global brands, Cashmaster is dedicated to the future. Resisting the temptation to stand still, the company is continuously learning, researching and developing to provide its customers with the best products and service that it possibly can.

The Cashmaster Difference

Cashmaster successfully serves global markets with the world’s most advanced count by weight technology, yet is still a family owned business. It is very proud of the family values the company is built around, whilst embracing a simple yet sophisticated corporate constitution.

Whilst Cashmaster strongly believe in innovation, if there is no customer need, unique products are bound to satisfy few - this is why Cashmaster works with customers to channel their creativity and expertise into concepts that tend to their real needs.

Size no issue - Cashmaster take pleasure in working with some of the world’s most prestigious high street brand names, from international banking groups to well known restaurant chains. However, they are just as proud to support a host of independents and sole traders worldwide.

With wholly owned offices and trusted, dedicated dealers around the world, Cashmaster are equipped to service global markets, but most importantly to offer their customers value added service when they need it most.

A strong work ethic exists at Cashmaster – to deliver the best products and service we possibly can. By enhancing how businesses handle and manage their cash, Cashmaster strive to offer corporations and end users the means to become more productive and efficient.

It’s a Matter of Trust

Cashmaster understand the obligation it carries, not only as a global manufacturer and distributor of some of the world’s most advanced electronic devices, but to its customers’ bottom line. Counting, managing and reconciling cash is a responsibility that Cashmaster are dedicated in delivering - consistently and professionally.

Above all, Cashmaster are committed to delivering products that enhance their customers’ commercial performance through saving time and staff resource - improved loss prevention and intelligent reconciliation.

Regional Offices

Cashmaster proudly service over 43 countries, with offices in the UK, France,Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland and the United States. Their network of approved distributors offer the Cashmaster brand throughout Ireland, Canada, the United States, Mexico, South Africa, Japan, Australia, Scandinavia, Benelux, Portugal, Austria and Switzerland.