Cashmaster History

Cashmaster International Limited was formed in 1987 with an onus on developing a range of cash counting machines.

Cashmaster International began life in Rosyth, Fife, in 1977, when Neil Hunter started working within the then embryonic microprocessor applications market. Initially, business concentrated on a wide and varied range of applications, applying knowledge and experience of new technological developments to establish a position within the electronics market place.

For 10 years this springboard organization saw steady and progressive financial growth and consolidated its position in the microprocessor industry by securing a host of major corporate contracts in the UK and continental Europe for industrial weighing scales.

Using the knowledge gained from the previous decade, Cashmaster International focused on the research and development of intelligent software, cash counting algorithms and reconciliation applications designed as a much-desired alterative to dated friction counting systems.

With the sale of 6,500 machines to NatWest Bank (UK) in 1991, Cashmaster realized the true potential of the count by weight market, signaling the company’s rapid global expansion plan.

Cashmaster began its expansion in the United States, with additional offices opening in France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain soon after.

The company has employed two channels of distribution, to achieve over 100,000 units of machine sales to date: direct sales by Cashmaster teams (worldwide) and agreements with selected distributors in regions such as the United States, Canada, Mexico,Australia, South Africa and Japan.

Cashmaster continue to venture into new markets, confident in the capabilities and practicalities of their products, remaining focused in their approach to business and our customers.