Cashmaster International is a highly successful family owned business that prides itself on who they are, what they do and what they have achieved –their proactive, committed and responsive attitude towards business.

Unlike many Global operations, Cashmaster’s success is built upon a belief that every individual contribution is valued. Cashmaster successfully offer a global perspective with local expertise and remain focused on their customers.

Being approachable is essential, allowing them to develop successful partnerships with key stakeholders. Cashmaster also employ a transparency policy, providing customers with exactly the knowledge they want.

1. We listen

2. We discuss

3. We offer solutions

4. We learn and continuously improve


Cashmaster International strives to develop solutions with pride that are produced through honest, cheerful endeavor.


We intend to identify markets and provide globally acceptable technology based solutions of high quality with good return on investment and positive growth.

To establish a harmonious working environment that promotes team belief from an honest and committed work force

To encourage open leadership qualities in management, implementing systems that support high levels of communication and awareness of commercial issues.