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Counting cash by hand is old fashioned, slow, inaccurate, tedious and boring. Save thousands of dollars every year by saving time counting cash. Count cash by weight with Cashmaster ~ bills, coins, rolls, bundles, tokens, phone cards, and many more. Portable, silent and practically maintenance free. Designed to quickly count cash in the register tills, the office, the safe, and bank deposits. Easily perform front of store audits and keep track of safe drops.


¨ Count register tills in under 60 seconds (both coins and bills) with subtotal printout

¨ A major reduction in labor time counting cash equals more cashflow and less hours in the cash office

¨ Accuracy improves: all employees count at the same pace regardless of tenure.

¨ Reduced Training Time: simple procedures can be taught in minutes.

¨ Security enhanced: cash is stored out-of-sight quickly.

¨ Improved Reporting with detailed print out versus the old fashion hand written report

¨ Job Satisfaction improves: most cashiers dislike setting up and counting the cash drawer by hand.

¨ Clean & Safe (bills touched less, presents no health risks, no moving parts).

¨ Average return on investment (ROI) is only 1 – 3 months



¨ Counts loose, bagged and rolled coins

Counts loose and strapped bills

¨ Counts coupons, vouchers and tokens. Counts from float/start bank (fully editable)

¨ Onboard memory stores data for up to 50 tills (Omega 215), 400 tills (Alpha 300) 


            ¨ Full numeric keypadFull Calculator Function (Alpha 300),  Function hotkeys

¨ Fully portable (12 hour rechargeable battery),  Easy to readgraphical display

¨ Communication ports available (USB, Ethernet, RS232)

¨ Save data direct to your back office network with safe drop/pickup/lift

¨ Real time clock & date – ideal for audit trails and spot checks, space saving design

¨ Practically maintenance free with no moving parts and solid state design 

How It Works

¨ Highly accurate electronic measuring device usi

ng an enhanced load cell and patented complex algorithms are at the heart of every Cashmaster machine.

¨ A series of patented complex algorithms are used to continuously take into account the potential variations that can affect the currency being counted.

¨ Compensates for variances in weight created by heavily worn bills, taped bills, repaired bills, humidity, seasonal & localized temperature changes, mechanical vibrations, voltage variations and blackouts



*** Highlights ***

FREE 3 Year Warranty*


100% Accurate**, Extremely Fast, Counts Silently, Low Maintenance


High Quality, Solid Construction, Outstanding Design, Ergonomic, Aesthetic


Latest Cutting Edge Technology, Minimum Parts, Single Board Solution, 32 Bit ARM Processor, Gold Contacts, Extreme Testing, Fluid & Dust Resistant


Built-in Battery Protects Unit from Electrical Problems,


Extremely Reliable, No Moving Parts (nothing to ja

m, clean or lubricate),


Clean (less cash handling),

Safe (presents no health risks),


Enhanced Load Cell,Advanced Functionality, Innovation, Non-Volatile Memory


Self-LearningCustomizable,Patented Algorithms, Quick Audits, Book Keeping & Audit Trails,


Solid & Stable CompanyFamily Owned Business Since 1977 (Cashmaster was created in 1987), Worldwide Distributor



* Sigma 105 comes with a free 1 year warranty.


** Pennies +/- 1 to 3 cents per 100 (in 1993 pennies changed from 3 grams to 2.5 grams, from pure copper to copper with zinc).Cashmaster can be calibrated to adjust for local penny composition to achieve 100% accuracy.

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